10 Things You Need to Know About Medicare

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Medicare can be overwhelming and confusing so I would like to take the opportunity share a few things you need to know about Medicare that way you can make the absolute best and most informed decision for yourself or of a loved one.



  1.  You need to know the 4 parts of Medicare…A, B, C, and D
  2. You need to know the monthly premiums and costs associated
  3. You need to know when to enroll
  4. You absolutely must know the difference between a Medicare Supplement plan, a.k.a. a Medigap plan and..
  5. a Medicare Advantage plan
  6. Learn how the Medicare prescription drug plans work
  7. Keep in mind when the Annual Enrollment Period is
  8. Know what preventative services are covered
  9. Just as important as is it to know what Medicare does cover, it’s equally important to know what Medicare does NOT cover
  10. Be sure to enroll to avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty

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