First and foremost my goal is to educate you about how Medicare works and your options available to you.

I you haven't had a chance be sure to download your FREE copy of my e-Book, "Medicare Declassified: The No Holds Barred, Take No Prisoners Guide to Navigating the Medicare Maze"

 Next, I am an independent insurance broker and I will help you find the best Medicare supplement plan for the lowest price.  

On a  more personal note, I am married with three children and we have a lab/rottweiler mix, Bailey.


I started my insurance career way back in 2005, very naive and not really giving much thought into why I went into the insurance industry. All I knew is I couldn't find a job after college and during the interview the manager held up a copy of a bonus check that another agent had earned. It was for $50,000.

Needless to say I jumped in with both feet running. It was probably the worst experience I ever had. Management told me to pressure and push people into products. I was even told that if I don't get kicked out of a house at least once a week that I wasn't do my job. No wonder insurance agents get such a bad reputation. Oh, and by the way, the agent that earned that huge check later lost his license...I'll leave that up to you as to speculate why that happened.

Needless to say, I was not that type of person and left. I thought if that's what insurance is all's not for me.

Not too long after I went to work for a company really well known for their Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. The main reason I decided to work there was because they forbade high pressure and pushy sales tactics. I actually was able to educate people first and if the product fit then do the enrollment.

I loved it. After a few years I realized that this companies products did not meet everyone's needs. That's when I decided to go at it on my own and start my own agency.

I believe in creating long term relationships with my clients.